Arizona fans happy about Miller decision

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Word Miller would remain a Wildcat let Arizona basketball fans breathe easy after a heart-wrenching weekend of worry that their coach could head east.

The stress of this weekend didn't help U of A senior Ben Papapietro prepare for finals.

Ben felt like many Wildcat fans Friday afternoon, when media outlets all over the country reported men's basketball coach Sean Miller would leave the U of A for Maryland.

"He put so much into this team already, it was sort of hard to believe he'd want to start all over," said UA senior Ben Papapietro.

The worst-case scenario never happened, although Miller did meet with Maryland officials.

At a press conference Monday morning, Miller spoke for the first time about the preceding 72 hours.

Miller spent much of time dismissing a lot of the reports that came out this weekend about the Maryland job.

"I love being here.  I think we have the greatest fans in the world," said Miller during a press conference.

Monday, fans knew Miller wasn't going anywhere, but many wish they never had to worry if the 'Cats would lose their coach after just two years.

"If you agree to coach a certain amount of time, that you have to live up to your commitment.  You can't just back down for more money or what not," said UA senior Ben Papapietro.

"The best idea would be for him to stay in all aspects of his career and for Tucson as a community. So, I think all in all he did the absolute right thing," said UA Freshman Will DeGraff.

Now all Ben has to worry about is finals