Using anesthesia for easy, pain free dental work

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PHOENIX - If you have been putting off the dentist because of anxiety and fear then you might want to try a sedation specialist.
At the Center for Dental Rehabilitation, Maureen M. Toal, DMD performs dentistry procedures all in one to two visits using anesthesia, plus no interest and no credit application financing is available.

Dr. Toal has been a general dentist  in Phoenix since 1989.

Patients who might be young or old and doesn't want to come to multiple visits at a dentist office or can't sit through dental procedure might want to consider visit the Center for Dental Rehabilitation.

The procedure is longer, but patients are under anesthesia the whole time so they are not aware of the pain.

Dr. Toal has treated patients from 16-months-old to 100-years-old.

She works with a board certified anesthesiologist when administering anesthesia, so they are addressing the concerns of infections.

According to Dr. Toal, the procedures are more comprehensive, meaning if a patient needs a root canal and fillings they can get it done all in one visit. What this means is when a patient wakes up they are 90 percent finished with their dental work.

People are living longer and having better quality of life because they are getting the dental procedures they need.

The Center for Dental Rehabilitation can remove any infections and have a better smile without the use of needles or dealing with the pain of the procedure.