Scottsdale woman loses 120+ pounds, earns spot on Oprah

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- One Valley doctor has flyers posted at the front of her office touting the fact that one of her clients will be on the Oprah show today. Her patient, Brenda Cooper, will be one of 100 people on the show to share her amazing weight loss story.

“She just asked us to drop our [fat] clothes [that] we were holding up in front of us] and reveal our new selves,” said Cooper, 51, describing what happened during the taping of the Oprah show the airs today -- "Oprah's Ultimate Weight Loss Finale."

"It was wonderful," she said. "It was really a great experience."

On today’s show, Oprah is featuring 100 people who have dropped 100 pounds or more -- without surgery.

Just two years ago, Cooper weighed in at more than 280 pounds.

“At that weight, I wasn't really able to do very much, not very active,' she said. "I ate whatever I wanted because I had given up hope of losing weight."

Cooper beat the odds though, losing more than 120 pounds with the help of her doctor, Sophia Fountis.

“The diet itself is not a new program," said Fountis, who is an Internist at the Chiro-Med Center in Scottsdale. "We don’t use any drugs to help facilitate the weight loss, and in medicine, let’s face it, there is nothing doctors can promise. This is something I can promise."

Her  promise: About 96 pounds gone in four months for men; for women, about 80 pounds off.

Fountis said it’s a scientific formula built specific to each person’s body.

“It’s called Protein Sparing Modified Fast, a healthier weight loss program," she explained.

The medically supervised diet does not use pre-packaged food or shakes, there is no calories counting and no hormone injections. The now well-known Dukan Diet, which gained attention when Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, reportedly used it before her wedding, is a version of PSMF.

"I’m just so thrilled that my patient got on Oprah, because that’s my dream -- to get on Oprah,” Fountis laughed.

When Cooper looks back at her pictures from two years ago, she says she doesn’t recognize the 280+ pound woman in them.

“I don’t know this woman, and I’m so thrilled to be where I am right now,” she said.

You can see Cooper on the Oprah show at 3 p.m. today on 3TV. For information on Dr. Sophia Fountis, visit