Tucson YMCA honors judge killed Jan. 8 during annual Strong Kids campaign

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Sunday, a local YMCA center held a swim event, in honor of the late Judge John Roll.

Visitors at the Northwest

YMCA were pool side in honor of January 8 shooting victim Judge John Roll.

"John Roll was an avid swimmer, swam here every day, right around 7:30 in the morning most days and we thought this would be a fitting way to honor him and raise money for the kids," said event organizer Mark Herrmann.

"We love to swim so we came out," said Heather Morton.

Morton and her kids helped raise money for the YMCA's annual strong kids campaign, which now includes the John Roll swim-athon.

"Anything we can do to turn it around and make it a positive is a good thing for all of us," said Morton.

For Ian and Thyme, it's about being active, and relaxing with family.

"Right now since I have exams coming up, it's pretty nice," said Thyme Morton.

Some visitors competed against each other for the best time.  Others tested their aquatic grace.  All of them were inspired by a special public servant.

"When we remember people, we don't really think about truly what's in their heart.  Like a swimmer it's in their heart.  This is to honor his swimming, and his love for swimming, and his passion for swimming," said Laura Moore.

Money raised from "Strong Kids" goes toward scholarships for children whose families can't afford enrollment into the swimming program.