Cure back pain and return to enjoying life pain free

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PHOENIX - Back pain is one of the most common complaints at the doctor's office, but people don't have to suffer.

According to Dr. Alex Bigham, the CEO of Novocur, back pain is such a common ailment that more people suffer from pain then other diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart ailments. About $100 billion is spent on treatment of pain but researchers are not spending a lot on learning ways to cure and treat pain.

Novocur works to find ways to treat chronic pain when medicine just doesn't work.

According to Dr. Bigham, 75 percent of patients say their pain is making them depressed and causing them to stop doing what they want to do.

Patients come to Novocur after they have tried the prescription route or chiropractic treatment without any success. After trying the more conservative routes, Novocur patients go through an injectable therapy which works to shrink the inflamed tissues causing the pain.

These intervention treatments after more conservative therapy are effective and safe and insurance covers the treatment, making it affordable.

Dr. Bigham said they have a high rate of efficacy to get patients out of pain very quickly and get people back to enjoying life again.