Mother's Day in the Old Pueblo

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A beautiful day outside Sunday and many of us enjoyed it by celebrating the very special women in our lives.

Some Tucson families spent this Mother's Day at Reid Park.

It was a peaceful Sunday at Reid Park. Children enjoyed a day near the water and nature, their proud mothers looking on.

"My first Mother's Day with a baby girl and my fourth Mother's Day with a son," said mother of two Brandee Ewing.

"Oh, it's wonderful.  I get to go out and do stuff with the kids," said mother of three Christi Friskey.

Women took the day to reflect on the joys of motherhood and what they're thankful for.

"I'm proud to have a son who is kind and respectable and who values good things," said Katrina Powell.

"Healthy children is the most important thing, that they have their health," said Ewing.

Even though being a mom comes with its challenges.  These mothers say they wouldn't trade their babies for the world.

"I love doing everything with my kids, I love the way they're going through school, everything they're doing in school, they're doing terrific," said Friskey.

"I think that there are so many moms in the world who sacrifice and give up and love so unconditionally," said Ewing.  "You don't know the meaning of true love until you have a child and that's instant, as soon as they're in your arms."

Happy Mother's Day from Fox 11.