Tucson Fire inspections attempt to reduce fires, save families

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Tucson Fire Department is helping the community get a game plan for their homes in case of a fire or emergency.

Thursday, TFD was in the Midvale Park area going over a home inspection checklist.

Strange as it sounds, Tucson firefighters would be okay with not being needed.

That's why the department is out trying to prevent home fires with a home safety inspection effort.

"We go inside we pretty much go through all the rooms check the kitchen area.  We remind them that unattended cooking is one of the highest ways house fires actually start," said Tucson Fire Deputy Chief Laura Baker.

Thursday Deputy Chief Baker and her crew were inspecting the Bishop home.

The family signed up for the safety check at the nearby fire station.  They want to make sure they have the right plan in place.

"Because we have a single family house we want to be sure we had a good exit plans and ways to get in and out of the house," said homeowner Roy Bishop.

Baker says homeowners can do several things to make sure their home is safe.

"The thing is to make sure that they have a working smoke alarm and that they check that smoke alarm every month.  The other thing is making sure that they have an escape plan that they have two ways out of their home," said Baker.

After about a ten minutes, the results were in on the Bishop house.

"By far this home looks great.  They have an escape plan, their smoke alarms work, they're talking about safety and that is something that we love to see," said Baker.

The Bishops are just happy to see that their plan meets approval.

"They said the house is overall pretty good condition.  That we look like we are pretty prepared, which we have been planing for, so we feel that we were ready in case of an emergency," said Bishop.

Tucson Fire teamed up with Sonora Environmental Research Institute to reach high risk areas in the community for the safety inspections.