Northwest Fire uses graphic demonstration to discourage teen drinking

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- With high school graduation around the corner, students will be celebrating.  And unfortunately, some of them will use alcohol to celebrate.

Northwest Fire spent part of Thursday morning trying to convince teens to be safe.

As the 1800 students from Mountain View High School piled into the bleachers on the football stadium.

Many of them were wondering what was under the blue tarp on the field.  Little did they know, the assembly would be unlike any other they'd ever attended.

"I heard a lot of people.  They would rather walk then drive now, after seeing that," said Mountain View sophomore Robert Tarkington.

What they saw was a mock accident. It involves students on prom night who drank too much alcohol and chose to drive.

"The picture we gave them today, the vision, effects of what they saw today, is a memory that I hope sticks with them for their lifetime," said Capt. Adam Goldberg from the Northwest Fire Department.

"I thought it was really interesting because it was actually graphic and showed people and what goes on," said Tarkington.

Two dead, two critically injured and several others with minor injuries.  The jaws of life, stretchers and even a medical helicopter were used to get the point across to the kids.

This isn't a joke, Captain Adam Goldberg of Northwest Fire has seen it all too often.

"In the last month we've dealt with seven students, high school aged students who have been involved in pretty serious car accidents," said Capt. Goldberg.  "I'm hoping it made an impact and if it did for one student who makes that right decision and saves their life their friends lives and others, we've done our job here today."

And from some accounts, the students got that message.

"Just to think like, wow, there is so much stuff that can actually happen in a short amount of time and this could effect a lot of people," said Tarkington.