Mother's Day gift idea: How to make a jewelry tree

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PHOENIX -- Still need a Mother's Day gift? Debbie Hernandez showed Scott Pasmore how to make a great-looking jewelry tree. Not only can the kids help, but all of the materials come from Dad's favorite store -- The Home Depot.

Materials and tools for jewelry tree
-Electrical wire, copper #8 or solid colored wire, colors of your choice
-Miniature terra cotta pots
-2-inch block of 2x2 wood
-Hot glue gun and hot glue
-Drill, drill bit to coordinate with wire size
-Paint to paint terra cotta pot if desired
-Ribbon or bow for decoration
-Wire cutting tools
-Needle-nose pliers, 2
-1-inch diameter pipe, PVC, galvanized, copper, to curl wire around
-Wire nuts for decoration if desired

Cut wire to desired lengths -- short, medium and long>

Using two needle-nose pliers, one in each hand, hold the end of the wire to the pipe with the needle nose, then wrap the wire around the pipe 2 to 4 times or as desired. Adjust the curls to your liking.

Drill nine holes into the 2x2 block.

Paint the terra cotta pot, if desired.

Place 2x2 block inside the pot and secure it using the hot glue at all bottom corners.

Insert wire firmly into holes; adjust wires as needed.

If using copper, tie a copper bow around the pot or decorate it as desired.

If using colored wire, add wire nuts at end of wires or use your imagination.

Add rocks into pot to cover block.

Materials for headband and scrunchy holder
-4-inch ABS pipe, can purchase 2-foot and cut in half with hacksaw
-2-inch ABS pipe, also comes in a 2-foot length
-4-inch ABS Cap
-2-inch ABS Cap
-6x6x3/4-inch piece of wood
-Paint to paint wood
-Drill with drill bit and screwdriver bit

Cut 4-inch ABS pipe in half or to desired length.

Drill pilot holes in the center of both the 2-inch and 4-inch caps.

Paint the wood square to desired color.

Place the 4-inch cap onto the wood, and then place the 2-inch cap in the center of the 4-inch cap.

Drill a screw through to attach the wood and the caps together.

Place 4-inch pipe into 4inch cap, and then place 2-inch pipe into 2-inch cap inside the 4-inch pipe.

Add screws going up 4-inch ABS pipe every couple of inches to hold head bands.