Peoria woman wants $2,600 refund from furniture store

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PHOENIX - Lucho Galo not only enjoys her Peoria home, but she also likes to entertain in it.

"I love to invite people over.  My friends they come over a lot," Lucho said.

So when it came time to find a new dining room set and sofa to entertain her friends, she went to a store called Highpoint Furniture which also goes by the name "Furniture and More" just off of 69th Avenue and Bell Road.

"I went there and I liked the furniture they had," she said. "They have really nice furniture when you look at them.
Lucho purchased a new dining room set similar to what she already had, plus eight chairs. She also bought with a sofa.  Keep in mind, this was back in October."

"Before I gave him money, he said everything's ready," Lucho told 3 On Your Side. "Once you pay everything, it's going to be delivered right away."

But after Lucho paid $2,600 for the furniture, she wasn't happy with what was delivered. 

"Things are missing like two sided chairs are missing and my sofa is not there and the middle part is missing from my dining table.  So I told them  I'm not going to accept," she said.

Lucho said the sofa was even the wrong color. 

Skeptical, she asked for a refund so she could go somewhere else, so Furniture and More gave her a check.

But when she went to cash it, the check was no good. 

"He already agreed," she said. "He already knows in his mind he needs to pay me back. I don't know why he's playing a game I have no idea," Lucho said.

3 On Your Side contacted the owner of the furniture store who claimed he'd been trying refund Lucho her money.

Regardless, he told me he would give Lucho cash just to resolve the issue.

The owner of Highpoint Furniture and Furniture and More, claim he had tried to refund Lucho her money, but said she would never come in to get it. Lucho said that's just not true.

She did get the $2600 refund in cash.