'JetMan' scrubs flight through Grand Canyon

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GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. --  Even though he got the official green light, the Swiss adventurer who was planning to strap on a jet-propelled wingsuit and soar through the Grand Canyon scrubbed Friday's flight.

Former fighter pilot Yves Rossy was slated to take off at about 9 a.m., but as of yesterday, he had not received the necessary approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA gave its go-ahead Friday morning, about 30 minutes before the scheduled flight.

The agency sent Rossy a letter last week in which it outlined the safety standards Rossy needed to meet.

Rossy and his team want to do some test runs before the actual flight. Just before 10 a.m., they announced that they had scrubbed the event. There is no word yet on if they will reschedule.

Rossy’s plan was to jump out of a helicopter near Eagle Point on the Hualapai Indian Reservation and fly for 15 minutes westward along the rim of the canyon in a custom-built suit.

This won’t be the first flight for Rossy, aka “JetMan.” The 51-year-old daredevil has flown his wingsuit over the Swiss Alps and across the English Channel.

In his most recent stunt in early November -- two years after his successful flight across the Alps -- Rossy jumped out of a hot-air balloon at an altitude of more than 7,800 feet and performed two loops before parachuting to a safe landing.

Later that month he tried to cross the Strait of Gibraltar but didn’t make it, going down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Rossy has long wanted to fly through the Grand Canyon and has been planning today's scheduled flight for months.