Doctors protest against illegal immigration legislation

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PHOENIX - Hundreds of doctors hope Arizona will soon be square one in an effort to stop a wave of illegal immigration legislation.

Thursday at the Capitol, protesters were calling for a repeal of SB 1070.

They also want to see a nationwide moratorium on anti-illegal immigration legislation.

The medical professionals who descended on the state Capital say the legislature has done a great deal of harm to Arizona and the nation.

Event organizers say such laws threaten the health care of a vulnerable minority community.

Anti-immigrant law supporters have argued that such legislation saves states millions of dollars in health care services that should be reserved for legal residents.

Opponents argue that such laws have no place in the medical community because they overstep their power and interfere with a medical physicians' professional code of ethics.

The group took time away from a conference being held in Phoenix.

Supporters of SB 1070 also made news Thursday. It was announced that Governor Brewer's office has raised $3.7 million for a fund established to help pay legal fees in defense of SB 1070.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)