Tucson dog gets help with mobility

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- For many people a dog isn't just a pet.  It's a member of the family.

And that's why families sometimes go to great lengths to get them help if they need it.

To her owners Mercedes is just like any other dog, she just has one little problem.

"The veteranarian said that her spine was being pushed together in the back that's why her back legs were going out," said Mercedes' owner Staci Ortegas.

Just weeks after the pit bull mix was born, she began losing control of her back legs.

She soon lost all mobility and was dragging her legs.

"We tried picking her up on her back feet thinking she would walk, but she didn't," said Ortegas.

Wednesday, mercedes got a brand new way to get around, a set of wheels.

She's the fortunate recipient of a mobility cart donated to her via the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

And it didn't take long for her to hit the gas pedal.

"Thats what everybody said, 'She's gonna start running,'" said Ortegas. 

"She cruises," said Veterinarian Jen Wilcox.

Jen Wilcox has been Mercedes vet for some time.  She's happy to see her friend adjusting so well so soon.

"Fitting her with a cart will give her great mobility for the rest of her life we hope," said Wilcox.

"It's incredibly rewarding, incredibly rewarding," said Ortegas.

The dog got tired quickly after he first test drive.  She hasn't been able to do this in some time.

"She wont have to sit there and watch the other dogs play.  She'll be able to run and chase them and run them over and run them over," said Ortegas.

Mercedes still has a couple touch-ups on the mobility cart so it will fit a little better and a little tighter.