Chandler man victim of unwanted telemarketing calls

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PHOENIX - Ed Rick works from home, however, he's not getting much done lately because his telephone keeps ringing.


"Obviously, they are just blatantly ignoring the laws out there," Rick said.


Rick is on the Do Not Call Registry, but according to his caller ID, a company called Eagle American keeps calling him.


"We like to have our personal time, and we don't like to get interrupted by people unless it's somebody we know," Rick said.


Rick said the person on the other end wants him to answer a trivia question, and if it's right Rick wins a free prize.


"You get nothing for free now a days so I told them I'm not interested don't call me back and I hung up on them at that point," Rick told 3 On Your Side.


After the calls kept coming, Rick tried to block the number, but the Eagle American keeps calling from a number that is just one digit different from the blocked number.


A Google search of Eagle American reveals nothing and if you try to call the number back there's a busy signal.


"Quite simply, we get calls from consumers who can't get the businesses to quit calling them, even though they asked them to stop," said Felecia Thompson with the Better Business Bureau in Phoenix.


According to the BBB, there's a strong possibility that Eagle American and it's number are simply fabricated and the caller is using it as a way to get around the Do Not Call list.


"Sometimes they are hiding behind that phone number," Thompson said. "They're not displaying the right phone number or the right caller ID. They're simply calling and trying to get whatever information they can."


For now, Rick said the calls are driving him nuts and he just wants them to stop.


"I just felt like it was time that somebody stood up to them and just didn't take it and said hey, I don't want you to call me you shouldn't be calling me!" he said.


If you are being harassed by unwanted telephone calls, file a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission. The FCC will take action, but it has to receive a complaint first. You can easily file a complaint at



You can also file a complaint and discover more information about telemarketing calls at the Arizona Attorney General's Office at