4 Great tips to help small businesses get clients

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PHOENIX -- It's the dream of many Americans to run their own businesses and be their own bosses. The lifeline of any small business is its clients.

Small business coaching expert Fabienne Fredrickson came up with a system designed to help you attract and sign the clents you want and need.

A mother of three, Frederickon quit her well-paying corporate job to strike out on her own in 1999. She launched a private nutrition practice, and while she took on some clients right away, she needed more if she was going to survive.

"I needed to figure out what to do if I wanted to stay in business," she said.

Dedicating herself to becoming an expert on how to get clients, she read books and took courses on marketing and networking.

Within eight months, she had filled her client roster to capacity -- something that often takes three to four to accomplish.

Frederickon's colleagues heard about her success and began asking for advice. A new business idea was born.

"I figured out that there was no client-attracttion system out there to teach people who start their own businesses how to get clients," she said. "Without clients, you can't stay in business."

Frederickson has come up with just such a system, designed to help small business owners in virtually any industry attract those essential clients.

Step one is to figure out exactly who your client is. That allows you to focus your energy and resources.

"If you focus on just one type of person who's going to love what you do, y ou're going to get a lot of clients that way," Frederickson explained.

While websites and social media can be wonderful tools, you have to get out and network in person.

"It's all about getting people to know you, like you and trust you," she said. "If you're focusing all your time on social media, people aren't meeting you face to face."

When you are out meeting people and making those new contacts,  you have to look the part.

"You have to look successful," Frederickson said.

Finally, when you're talking to a client, focus on the results, not the process you're going to use to achieve them. Clients want solutions to their problems.

"If you talk about solutions, you've got clients."

To learn more abotu Frederickson's system, visit ClientAttraction.com.