Double homicide a mystery for Phoenix police

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PHOENIX – Police are investigating an apparent double homicide after a neighbor found two people who had been shot to death inside their Phoenix home.

The neighbor made the discovery at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at a home near 31st and Northern avenues.

Police have identified the victims as Nina Martynov, 60 and Alexander Sahulenko, 86.

Martynov and her husband were caretakers for Sahulenko’s wife and began renting a portion of his home after she died several years ago.

When Martynov failed to show up for work Wednesday morning, her boss tried to call her at home. When she did not answer, he contacted her husband, who was traveling out of state on business. The husband, in turn, called a neighbor and asked him to check in on his wife and Sahulenko. That’s when the neighbor found the two bodies.

That neighbor immediately called the police.

Sgt. Steve Martos if the Phoenix Police Department said detectives have launched a homicide investigation.

Police have not released any details other than to say both Martynov and Sahulenko had trauma and had suffered fatal gunshots wounds. They have not yet been able to piece together the events leading up to the deaths of Martynov and Sahulenko.

There reportedly were no signs of forced entry at the home. The neighbor who found the bodies said the garage door and front door were both open. In addition, police did not find a gun inside the house and neighbors said they did not hear any gunshots.

Investigators said they were leaving the manner and cause of death up to the Officer of the Medical Examiner.