Kidnapping victim released, not cooperating with police

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PHOENIX – A man who was allegedly kidnapped from a Phoenix apartment complex overnight has been released, but investigators say he is not cooperating with them.

It started shortly before 1 a.m. Thursday at Citrus Gardens at 63rd Avenue and McDowell Road.

According to Lt. Barbara Terry of the Phoenix Police Department, the alleged victim had had dinner with some friends.

“When he went outside to leave, the people who were inside heard a struggle,” Terry said. “When they came out to the parking lot, they saw a subject with a gun and a vehicle with the door open in the back. The guy with the gun then hopped into the vehicle and they take off out of the parking lot.”

Investigators were trying to piece together exactly what happened and interviewed several witnesses and residents.

When officers scoured the parking lot for evidence, they found a set of keys and a cell phone they believe might belong to the alleged victim.

Police later learned that the victim was released a short time after the suspect vehicle left the scene. Investigators tried to interview him, but said he refused to cooperate and declined assistance. Police said they believe the man's refusal to work with them might be related to his immigration status. They said they have no other information about the incident.

Tom Garcia, the president of the homeowners association, said he heard gunshots about the time of the alleged kidnapping.

He said there have been issues with the tenants in the apartment where the possible victim had dinner, including loud music, late-night/early-morning parties, fights and “strange things going on there.” While he did not elaborate on the “strange things,” he said neighbors have made complaints and the police have even been called out “a number of times.”

It’s not clear if the activity and issues Garcia described are connected to Thursday morning’s kidnapping.