UA engineering students put projects on display

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Imagination was at work and on display Tuesday at the University of Arizona.  Engineering students put their hard work from the last semester out for the public to see.

It's almost the end of the school year at the U of A and Tuesday it was time for engineering students to show off their final projects.

"It took us probably all of last semester to come up with an idea that is close to what we ended up doing," said UA Engineering student Tanya Alexander.

Tanya Alexander and her fellow teammates created a system that could have been used in the BP oil spill.

The device would detect bubbles coming from the breach with a laser and track the scatter or oil that comes out of it.

The system can then determine how much oil is being lost per second, per hour and per day.

Another team focused on the spill also, coming up with a cap that could have been used.

"What we were in charge of doing was creating a cap that would seal off the leak and it was similar in design to what they had there, but it had improvements," said UA Engineering student Christopher Thomas.

Hundreds of engineering students packed outside and inside of the student union building, displaying what they've spent so long to create.

And these aren't pipe dreams, many of them believe in the vision they invented.

"This has been a great experience.   Because we were able to work with so many engineers across different disciplines," said UA Engineering student Micaela Taborga.

"I have to be honest it was really stressful just trying to integrate everything and try to collect the data that was needed for our final project," said Alexander.

Now the designs are judged by a panel.  And 15 teams will be awarded cash totaling more than $10,000.