Neighborhood floats balloons to protest Mormon temple

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PHOENIX – More than 200 helium-filled white balloons floated above a north Phoenix neighborhood on Wednesday.

Residents sent them into the air in protest over construction of a new Mormon temple near Pinnacle Peak Road and 59th Avenue.

The 260 balloons had the word "no" on them and were sent 120 feet off the ground to represent how tall the spire will be on this new Temple.

Neighbors said they are also worried about the size of the temple, fearing it will draw a lot of people from all over the state and cause traffic issues on their streets.

Neighbors appealed to the city of Phoenix's Board of Adjustment to force the LDS church to build more than 500 parking spaces.

Paul Gilbert, who represents the Mormon temple, said they're creating 393 parking spaces, which is 31 more than what the city required.

The parking lot hearing is scheduled for Thursday at noon at the Phoenix City Hall building.

In the meantime, construction has already begun on the new temple.  It is supposed to be completed in about two years.