Regenesis Wellness has solutions for your allergies

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PHOENIX - Regenesis Wellness Center can ease the discomfort and symptoms associated with Spring allergies with a shot free program.

The Allergy Stop at Regenesis Wellness Center of Scottsdale offers a program for environmental allergies that eliminates the need to head to the doctor's office.

This program is different because you can drink your allergy shots. Through the program you bring home the set of drinks to take at your convenience.

The program works in 90 percent of the cases involving environmental allergies and can also help asthmatics.

Insurance pays for the program too, making it more convenient and less expensive than other treatments.

Start with bottle one and work til bottle eight making it a treatment you can do in the comfort of your home instead of waiting in a doctor's office to receive an allergy shot.

When you drink the the liquid you hold it on your tongue for a minute or a minute and a half and then swallow.

The program doesn't work for food allergies, but Regenesis Wellness Center can work with patients to get a program that can treat any allergy.

The Allergy Stop's treatment is more natural, no chemicals, no side effects, works better and is for all ages

Clients attest to the ease of the program and its effectiveness.

Within a few doctor's visits you can be on your way to treating your allergies.