Tighter security at TUSD Ethnic Studies meeting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A new location, more room and more security.  The TUSD governing board was finally able to hold its meeting discussing the Ethnic Studies program.

Last week the scene was chaotic with students chaining themselves to the board members' chairs.

Tuesday night, security outside and inside was much tighter at 1010 E. 10th St.

There were dozens of police officers from TPD helping out to make sure this time around the school board heard the issues on Ethnic Studies.

From bomb sniffing dogs to wand medal detectors before people walked into the board room.

"Safety is paramount and your safety is extremely important to me.  So much of what you see here is an effort to make sure we have a safe environment for you to come to this board meeting," said TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone.

It was a packed house inside the boardroom, but the cramped conditions didn't matter to the crowd who let their voices be heard.

During the call to the audience, those voices were loud and clear to the board members.

"Voting to implement the resolution makes no sense it impacts the mas classes by relegating to second class status," said a meeting attendee.

And while the majority of the crowd seemed to be of one mind, one brave soul stood up to say she felt the Mexican-American studies program shouldn't be in the school system.

"I do not expect my board of education to force my children into Mexican-American to a Spanish-American," said one meeting attendee.

And when it seemed like things were going to end smoothly, the crowd took one more stand.

In fact a couple people would not leave and they had to be taken out by TPD.