ASU 'Undie' Run

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TEMPE, Ariz. – Thousands of students took their clothes off at Arizona State University Tuesday for the annual ASU Undie Run. The garments will be donated to several charities.

This year there is controversy as organizers are trying to ban a group they say is just too scantily clad for an event where everyone wears their underwear.

The president of the ASU Undie Run said they are trying to re-brand this popular and successful event. For example, they changed their slogan from "stripping to clothe" to "undressing to dress others."

Apart from this re-branding effort they have asked the company Tempe12 not to participate.

At the annual ASU Undie Run students literally donate the clothes on their backs to a good cause. This year they hope to fill up two U-Hauls with clothes and another truck with non-perishable food.

The charities Arizona Helping Hands, StandUp for Kids, Central Arizona Shelter Services, Andre House and Move for Hunger will all benefit.

"It’s a great way to both celebrate the end of the semester while doing a lot of good for the community,” said Sean Leoni, the ASU Undie Run president.

At an event where the boxers or briefs debate can take on a whole new meaning, you would think the organizers would be rather lenient when it comes to the dress code.

However, this year, anyone wearing Tempe12 merchandise will be asked to leave or get arrested. Tempe12 is a company who puts out a calendar of ASU girls in swimwear.

Their owner says they have supported the Undie Run since its inception and last year they alone donated more than 500 articles of clothing.

"Last year when they asked for a real marketing push behind it that was the most clothes they have ever received," said David Freedman, the owner of Tempe12.

This year, Leoni felt the girls of Tempe12 in their underwear were just too risqué for an event which features mostly girls in underwear.

We asked Leoni, “When you think of Undie Run, do you not think of scantily clad women and men running?”

“Up until this point. The marketing we have done this year and the way everything is going to go tonight, we think we will change that,” Leoni said.

Although they won’t be one of the sponsors, Freedman will still have someone drop off several boxes of clothes.