No charges will be filed in recent road rage shooting

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GILBERT, Ariz. – An East Valley man who shot and killed another man in a road rage incident will not face charges.

Mitchell Fickes, a 56-year-old former Marine, was shot five times after getting into a fight with another driver, 23-year-old Matthew Bohls. 

Both men had guns, and, according to some witnesses, were racing their trucks before the confrontation. The incident happened in front of the SanTan Village Mall in Gilbert last month.

Witness statements differed enough that Maricopa County prosecutors say they would be unable to get a conviction. Plus, Gilbert police believe Bohls acted in self-defense.

Still, the Fickes family was hoping for legal action against the gunman.

"I don't believe my father deserved what he got. To shoot somebody five times is overkill. That's not self-defense, it's rage," said Jessica Fickes, Mitchell's daughter.