Pet of the Day - Moose

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#692085 – 2 Years Old – Labrador Retriever Mix – Male

Poor Moose has been homeless 5 times in just 5 months.  After unexpectedly outliving his owner, Moose has been bounced around from home to home for jumping a 4-foot fence (he’s a big boy!) and for not getting along with the smaller dog in his household.  Despite his unfortunate track record, Moose is a wonderfully loving, happy, and easy-going boy who would do anything to impress you.  Just ask his Canine College instructors!  Moose is currently working one-on-one with trainers to learn basic obedience commands and is becoming the best dog he can be.  Moose knows not to jump on you, will proudly sit for a treat and loves to play fetch with squeaky toys.  Good dog!  If you could give this pup down on his luck the permanent, loving home he’s always wanted, please visit Moose today at the HSSA!