Tucson WTC survivor reacts to bin Laden death

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Around the country, news of bin Laden's death was met with jubilation.  In Tucson, one of the survivors of World Trade Center attack on 9-11 reacted to Osama's death.

News spread like wild fire about the death of Osama bin laden last night at the hands of U.S. special forces.

One man especially happy to hear the news was Mark Finelli, a survivor of 9-11.

"I got a phone call from a buddy, Mike, who's also a veteran, saying, 'I think we got bin Laden,'" said Finelli.

Mark was on the 61st floor of the south World Trade Center on September 11.

"I was just drinking coffee, working for an investment firm.  The north tower exploded, and I just hit the stairs and ran out and the fire fighters and running in," said Finelli.

Sunday night the nation erupted at the news of bin Laden's death.  In Tucson, students will never forget where they were and how they felt.

"I gotta an update on my phone that Osama bin laden had been confirmed dead," said UA student Alex Marquez.

"I think its a great day it shows we finally did something we were set out to do.  We were out to end this reign of terror and lets hope we did," said UA student Chris Fammartino.

"I sorta just brushed him aside, and whoosh all of a sudden he's back in the news.  I had no idea they were organizing a secret operation over there, so its pretty exciting for me," said Finelli.

And for mark, this has been a long time coming.

"In many ways I lost hope, I thought he would just fade away, but man it feels great today," said Finelli.