Mesa woman angry with bank over a "stop payment"

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PHOENIX – When Shelley Bassett's hot water heater sprung a leak and ruined her belongings she says her landlord was slow to fix it. 

Shelley says, "There was a big hole right here and it was shooting water out everywhere.  It was just spraying it and we had no hot water. We were without hot water for about two weeks.”

When it came time to pay her rent, Shelley reluctantly wrote a check and gave it to her landlord but that hot water heater that was broken for two weeks bothered Shelley, so she decided to call Wells Fargo and put a stop payment on the rent check at least until the water heater was fixed. 

"They said ‘No problem but we have to charge you a $29 fee’," Shelley. She gladly paid the $29 fee and thought the stop payment would get her landlord's attention but 10 days later, her $458 rent check was actually processed by Wells Fargo. 

"I paid these people $29 to put a stop payment on the check and they went ahead and allowed the check to be cashed."

As a result, Shelley was out the $458 she thought she had cancelled and she was out the $29 stop payment fee.

Shelley says she demanded Wells Fargo to return the $458 or at least refund her the $29 stop payment fee but she claims Wells Fargo said no. 

"I am very frustrated. I am at my breaking point and that's why I contacted Channel 3."

3 On Your Side contacted Wells Fargo and asked them why they processed Shelley's check.  Although they never gave me an answer, they immediately returned that $458 back to Shelley's account, something she says they should have done in the first place.

Again, Wells Fargo never did give a clear reason why the let the check go through and why they initially refused to return the funds to Shelley. As for Shelley, she's grateful she says she contacted me. "They did not want to help me at all when it was just me. Thanks so much 3 On Your Side."