Brewer decides on nearly 400 bills, vetoes dozens

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PHOENIX -- Nearly 400 bills have been sitting on Gov. Jan Brewer's desk, waiting for a signature. She wrapped up the 2011 legislative session yesterday saying no to more items than expected.

Brewer even surprised fellow Republicans with some of her decisions.

In all, Brewer vetoed 29 bills. Last year, she vetoed only 14.

Among the measures that got the ax were a bill that would have let people carry guns into most government buildings; the so-called "birther bill," which would have required candidates for president and other offices to prove their eligibility to run; a bill to create a new property tax break for businesses; and a measure that would change Arizona's controversial 9/11 memorial. The governor also vetoed a bill that would have allowed fireworks on private property throughout the state.

Brewer signed off on quite a few notable items, including a bill authorizing a new security fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. She also signed a bill to give accused drunk-driving offenders the right to a jury trial, as well as a measure to reform Arizona's public-employee retirement systems.

Brewer also approved the creation of a special Tea Party license plate.

To read the governor's veto letters on individual issues, each of which includes the reasoning behind her decision, visit