Possible charges for school board meeting takeover

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Police are looking at possible charges over the school board meeting takeover by TUSD Ethnic Studies Students.

Friday the parents of those kids gathered to show support for their efforts to keep Ethnic Studies as a core class, not an elective.

The students in question refused interview requests due to an ongoing investigation by the Tucson Police Department.

Governing board President Mark Stegeman says they simply crossed the line.

"The demonstration part, that was free speech, the part that wasn't free speech was when the students and the persons helping the students rushed up to the front of the room and chained themselves into the chairs," said TUSD Governing Board President Mark Stegeman.

The board meeting that was supposed to take place that night has been re-scheduled to Tuesday at TUSD.

There will be changes.

"We will have much more security presence at the next meeting," said Stegeman.

"Students did this with the knowledge that there may be consequences," said Stegeman.

Parents say punishment or no punishment, they stand behind their children.

Parents also claim the video that has been airing in the media is an unfair representation of how the demonstration went down.

So far, the students have not been disciplined by law enforcement or the school district.