Handyman makes off with $3,000

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PHOENIX – Ralph Munoz is disgusted. He paid a handyman to install a new roof on his home but Ralph says the guy only did two things: He left a mess and he left the job undone. 

Ralph says, "He seemed like an honest decent man.  He said he was going to keep his word."

Ralph is describing a handyman by the name of Clarence Robertson. Ralph says he only hired Clarence Robertson because he kept claiming to be a Christian. So Ralph handed him a $3,000 check as down payment to replace his roof.

"First he asked me for a down and then he came back and said I need $3,000 down so I gave him a check for $3,000.”

After removing the old shingles, Clarence Robertson never showed back up, but he sure took off with that $3,000.

It turns out, Clarence Robertson has a picture on Facebook where he tells everyone he loves God and that God is number one in his life. I also found another picture. It's a mug shot from his many run-ins with the law including convictions for drugs.

Clarence Robertson also has warrants out for his arrest for failing to appear in court.

However, what does he have to say about walking off Ralph's job and keeping $3,000?

This is what he told me in a phone conversation.
Gary Harper: "I would love to do the story and say the roof was put on and he (Clarence) lived up to his Christian word, but right now it does not look like it's going that way.
Clarence Robertson: “Well, I understand why you would think it's not going that way and it doesn't look like it is all but I have no intention of burning Ralph or anything.

But he did burn Ralph by going into hiding and never finishing the roof. Ralph says he's learned two lessons: Don't be so trusting and don't pay in advance. "Don't give a check out or cash until the guy does his job," Ralph says.

After I initially made contact with Clarence Robertson, he has since shut off his cell phone service and has gone into hiding.