Duathlete with MS competes in Oro Valley National Championships

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Training for a duathlon requires patience, practice and a lot of physical endurance.

It's a difficult task for any athlete, but imagine doing it with Multiple Sclerosis.

David Kyle looks like a lot of other duathlon athletes, tall, athletic, physically fit.

"I really try and beat the guy in front of me, that's my goal, so that's the fun part of it," said Kyle.

But at every race, something separates David from the guy in front of him.  In 2002 doctors diagnosed him with Multiple Sclerosis.

"I spent a year after being diagnosed with MS just very sick, I'd really given up on life and I realized that my family is really suffering as much as i was, if not more," said Kyle.

David decided to make a life change.

He started competing in duathlons, training five to six hours a week.

He's traveled around the world, picking up a couple of national championships along the way.

"This is really just a sign of I'm doing good and I'm still healthy and in it for the long haul, so it feels really good though," said Kyle.

Saturday David competed in a 10k run and 35k bike in the physically challenged category at the duathlon national championship in Oro Valley.  He completed it in 1:54, but says his time isn't what he's most proud of.

"I think the most rewarding part is just to represent people with ms and encourage them," said Kyle.

David says the best advice he can give, don't let a bump in the road keep you from reaching the finish line.

"Take a long term approach to this. I didn't become a national champion overnight, it took many years, i started out very slowly," said Kyle.

It's that patience and dedication that slowly helped turn David's life around.

Saturday's race qualified David to represent team U.S.A. In the world championships.

That race will be in Spain in September.