Mayor Phil Gordon talkes about security in Phoenix and statewide

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PHOENIX -- In the wake of the stunning announcement that the U.S. has finally killed Osama bin Laden, security is foremost in the minds of people all over the world.

Mayor Phil Gordon checked with Tara Hitchcock from City Hall to talk about security issues here in Phoenix.

"My concern is twofold, really," he said. "One is that our community doesn't do really anything different than they've been doing since 9/11, which is go about a normal day of business. ... The second thing I'd like to let everyone know is keep your eyes open and if you see anything strange, call the police.

"Remember, this isn't about Islam or any particular color or race," he continued. "This is about terrorists, and they come in all colors and all races and all religions. We've seen that."

Gordon was going to receive a security briefing right after getting off the air with "Good Morning! Arizona."