Be wary of door-to-door roofing contractors

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PHOENIX – Jeannine Baker says being a single mom may be tough but finding a job these days is even tougher. 

"I need work like right now, bills are due and I have to take care of my kid," Jeannine says. "It's been hard. I've been going on Craigslist trying to find different jobs and the jobs that I'm finding are with roofing companies."

Desperate for work, Jeannine says she took the roofing job and worked as a sales person drumming up business. "We knock on doors and ask if people have gotten their roofs inspected.”

Jeannine says she worked a few weeks but when it came time for her paycheck. "Late Friday night they called and said they have no money whatsoever to pay us," Jeannine says.

After all that work Jeanine was left without a paycheck and the same exact thing happened with another roofing company she had worked for before.

According to Jeannine, "It's like they go out and generate as much money as they can and then shut down."

She says people like her aren't the only ones getting stiffed. It's also the customers who handed over money to start their roofing project only for the so-called roofing companies to vanish. 

"Once we get their check we're supposed to be out their fixing their roof. Whichever company we're representing and a lot of these doors that we're knocking on, the people are still waiting to get their roofs repaired," says Jeannine.

The problem in the roofing industry is so bad, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors issued a warning telling consumers to be cautious about roofing companies going door-to-door looking for work.

For Jeannine, she says she'll continue looking for a job but she hopes other unemployed people learn from her experience. She says, "You just have to be very careful and I would say do your research on the jobs before you take them."