Happy Babies? Yes Please!

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Motherhood is not predictable. No matter how much I planned, organized (er, obsessed)  and prayed, this first year of being a mom has made me realize, you just have to take things as they come.  

So far, I’ve been blessed. My twins, London and Julian, are in great health. But for a runny nose here and there, some serious teething and two short bouts with colds, this first year has been pretty smooth.
But boy there is a lot to think about as a parent, isn’t there? And I have those thoughts times two!
I think about all of the things I want for my babies in life; mainly, to be happy. 
Not just a scratch the surface everything is alright kind of happy. That’s not good enough. I want them to have a true love for love, a desire to learn, an appreciation for the little things. I want them to respect other people and have real (not just Facebook) friends.
How can I ensure that all of this will happen for them?
I can’t.
I can’t ensure that they will drive safely when they turn 16. I can’t ensure that they don’t fall for the wrong person. I can’t ensure that they won’t drink before the age of 21. And I can’t ensure that they will stay away from drugs. 
What I can do is give them a foundation of happiness.
I believe with that foundation a person has a better sense of self. 
If you are happy, you aren’t searching. You don’t need to show off on the road while driving with your friends, you refuse to put up with anyone disrespecting you in a relationship – friendship or otherwise, you don’t need to be drunk or high to have a good time because you don’t want to numb your life. No way. You want to be present to enjoy it.
So that’s my goal as a new mom: To build a foundation of happiness and excitement for my kids.
I’m already trying to do that – in between the bottles and diapers!