Runners buck Mexico travel warning

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PHOENIX – For the first time, the U.S. State Department's Mexico travel warning specifically mentions the popular resort town of Rocky Point.

Rita Wilson, who runs, has been booking trips south of the border for decades.

"I don't know why they'd specifically name Rocky Point," she said. "I've never heard of tourists or anyone being targeted there."

After years of slumping sales from the economy and swine flu fears, Wilson has concerns about what the new warning will do to her business. She still travels to Rocky Point every month and says she's only taken one precaution.

"I just don't drive at night," Wilson said.

Hundreds of Arizonans are heading to Rocky Point this weekend for the annual Las Palomas Triathlon organized by

"Honestly, I don't have any concerns," said Casey Brown with Red Rock. “Six hundred runners are signed up, and most are from Arizona.”

"You use a heightened sense of caution when you travel to places like this, but it's no different than being cautious about going to downtown Phoenix in the middle of the night," said runner Gabe Phillips, of Gilbert.

Other racers say their friends and family members urged them not to go, but they feel safe making the trip. To ease concerns, race organizers are sending the runners down in caravans.