Flying is getting very expensive

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PHOENIX - Travel experts are saying it's more than just rising fuel costs that are causing airfares to rise as well.

Airlines have consolidated and reduced flights over the past couple of years.

This year travel experts are seeing more people wanting to travel after staying home the past couple of years. 

They say people may not like it, but they are paying the high airfares just to go on vacation, for business or an emergency. 

Travelers are paying 10% more this year in airfare compared to last year and travel experts believe that percentage will go up this summer.

Travel agents recommend planning as far out as possible, even purchasing airlines tickets months in advanced. 

Travelers will save money by booking a flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday, those are considered the least busiest days for the industry.

Because planes continue to fill up, travel experts don't believe airfares will come down in price anytime soon.