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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Council, Ward 6.
Kozachik joined the Council in January, 2010.  He says he sought the seat out of “frustration” with the way the City was doing business with builders and developers.  He says as project manager for the U of A Athletic department, he was often “stymied” by the “hoops” they had to jump through to get things done.  He says the City has for too long done little or nothing to help developers and others wishing to start businesses or improve buildings. 

Kozachik says he’s really upset with the State Legislature’s current “meddling” in affairs strictly the City’s, as defined in the City Charter.  He says such preemptive bills passed this session define a City population that is exclusively Tucson’s, legislation related to financial matters, firearms, hiring practices, procurement policies and more.  He says he set up an on-line petition demanding that the State leave the City alone.  He says every signature is reported directly to each State lawmaker and to the Governor. 

Kozachik lauded the private sector’s progress in downtown redevelopment and says two proposed private sector student housing projects are a “boon” to downtown.  He says the streetcar will be put to good use to get students to the U of A Campus.  He says now the City must begin immediately to market the streetcar and the development opportunities along its route.