Blind hiker trekking across state on Arizona Trail

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PHOENIX -- Mike Armstrong is hiking the Arizona Trail, and 807-mile trek from Mexico to Utah.

In addition to being a black belt karate expert, Armstrong is also a drummer. This hike of his will make history -- he'll be the first blind person to do it. Armstrong lost his site 14 years ago. He suffered retinal detachment when he was 26 due to a disease he was born with.

"It was really hard, but I made up my mind quickly that I didn't want it to destroy my life," Armstrong said. "I immediately got out and got the help I needed and started just living life."

Tara Hitchcock talked to Armstrong and his guides, Ben Cane and Yancy Herriage, about this inspiring adventure, which is a fundraiser for the Foundation for Blind Children.

Cane and Herriage say the Arizona Trail is no leisurely walk in the park.

"It goes from easy to difficult, from flat field to 100-foot drop-offs," Cane explained. "It's very difficult.

Herriage has worked with Armstrong before and describes him as "an awesome hiker."

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