Windy afternoon across Arizona

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PHOENIX – Windy conditions continue across Arizona Tuesday afternoon with the highest winds being reported in eastern Arizona.

Safford and St. Johns have each reported wind gusts of 47 miles per hour while Elgin has had a gust of nearly 40 mph. Kingman, in northwest Arizona, has also reported a wind gust of 40 mph.

The windy and breezy conditions will continue into the nighttime hours. As a result, Red Flag Warnings and wind advisories have been posted by the National Weather Service in the eastern third of the state.

Here in the Valley, we’ve seen a wind gust of 42 mph at Deer Valley Airport but most of the other peak winds have been in the 30 mile per hour range.

However, the sustained winds around metro Phoenix are running in the 15 to 25 mph range. Expect those winds to continue overnight.

Usually when we get these kinds of windy conditions, particulate levels, or dust, soars and we get air quality concerns.

However, according to the ADEQ, we’re not going to be dealing with that with these current winds.

The forecast for the rest of the week includes a warm-up to the mid 90s by Thursday, then it will get breezy and some more cool air will be headed in for the weekend.