Update to Glendale man trying to get truck's title

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PHOENIX – When I profiled Sonny Newton about a week ago in a 3 On Your Side news report, he was having a difficult time getting the title and license plates to the truck he had bought nearly three months earlier. 

How things have changed since I got involved. Sonny says, "I got my title, got my license plate, so I am a pretty happy guy."

Sonny may be a happy guy today, but it's a far cry from last week when he couldn't sleep very well at night. "I am very nervous.  My wife is even more nervous," he told me.

He was nervous because Sonny had recently purchased a pick-up and although he had possession of the truck for nearly three months, the car lot where he bought the vehicle never mailed Sonny the title.

They also never mailed him a license plate, even though the plate and the truck were paid for in full. The car lot claims the items may have been lost in the mail.

With no title and no plates, Sonny thought he may have gotten himself involved in a transaction that would haunt him. "I've paid for it in full. I want to make sure I have the documents saying I own the vehicle. I'm a little concerned."

As a result, I reached out to the Arizona's Department of Motor Vehicles and told them the issue. When I did, MVD was able to issue Sonny a title of ownership and even gave him a new license plate which made Sonny feel a whole lot better. "I feel excellent. I got the truck title and I got the plates and I am rocking," he says.

Sonny says he feels better knowing the truck is officially is. After all he paid more than $11,000 for it so he just wants to know he legally owns it. Sonny says, "I just wanted to say thanks for everything and to Gary for helping me out."