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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Sarah Jones, CEO, EMERGE! Centers Against Domestic Abuse, and Susan Agrillo, Tucson City Prosecutor.  Domestic violence remains a complex issue that impacts Arizona’s communities in a broad variety of ways.

Jones says reports of domestic abuse have not declined.  She says incidents actually increase during tough economic times. She says one in three women are affected by domestic violence.   However, many women fail to report abuse, she says, because many don’t have jobs or access to money.  She says her agency operates four shelters in Tucson and they are always full.  

SJones says domestic violence often has an impact on the workplace, when victims miss days or are not as productive. It can also lead to higher health costs, she says.  On the subject of “Orders of Protection,” Agrillo says women who are living apart from a spouse or domestic partner can get an order from the court stipulating that the spouse stay away from the victim.  But both guests agree that such orders are frequently ignored. 

Agrillo also discusses a benefit she is sponsoring May 1, called “Stand Up to Stop Violence.”  Funds raised will go to support the programs of EMERGE! she says.