Valley couple, brain tumor survivors, vie for wedding of their dreams

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PHOENIX - One thing is for sure, this is not your typical boy meets girl love story, but for Valley couple Jackie Pilla and fiance Chris Stein, nothing about the last few years has been typical. 

Both Pilla and Stein are brain tumor survivors who met at a fundraising walk.

“We grew up in the same New Jersey town, went to the same school, but didn't meet until 25 years later,”  said Stein, “It took a brain tumor to bring us together.”

Pilla, an autism therapist and former Miss USA contestant, and Stein, a singer/songwriter and chaplain, were asked to co-host the Get Your Head In The Game, Brain Tumor Awareness Walk in 2009 when they started talking on the phone and immediately fell in love.

“It was weird to be talking to someone and be saying, should I really be feeling like this?” said Stein.

However, because of their overwhelming medical bills, paying for a wedding, has been put on the back burner so the couple has entered a contest through Crate and Barrel in hopes of winning a $100,000 wedding. 

More than 7,000 couple have entered the contest and Pilla and Stein are already in 168th place. 

But, in order to qualify, they need to be in the top 100.  You can help! 

Go online to read their story, see more photos and vote for this deserving couple.  The deadline for voting is April 30, 2011.