New documentary takes on product placement

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PHOENIX - Best known for his documentary “Supersize Me” where he ate nothing but McDonald’s, movie producer and director Morgan Spurlock is at it again. 

This week, his newest film “Pom Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” premiered taking on product placement on the big screen.

“We live in a society where everything is for sale, whether it be a building or a school, its just everything has a sponsor,” said Spurlock. “So what this film does through having sponsors actually pay for the film, advertisements in the film, commercials in the film it actually kind of pulls back that curtain on how this whole thing operates.”

Spurlock told 3TV’s Tyler Baldwin much of the product placement we see on TV or on the movies is pretty blatantly obvious.

“They are canceling a lot of these now, but if you go back and look at old versions of the daytime soap operas like Days of our Lives, there is a lot of product placement from Cheetos to pretzels and even Midol,” said Spurlock. “They would actually hold up the can of Pom and say, ‘Drink Pom.  It’ll make you feel great.’”

“The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” is now out in theaters nationwide.