Tensions high on SB 1070 signing anniversary in Phoenix

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PHOENIX - Several hundred protestors made their way from Cesar Chavez Plaza to the State Capital Saturday to mark the one-year anniversary of Gov. Jan Brewer signing the measure into law.

Salvador Reza, a political activist, was at the protest. He tells us the impact of 1070 will be felt by republicans in the next major election. "More than anything else, we are going to organize, to make sure that in one year or two years, by the year 2012, we can repeal some of these laws and take some of these politicians out of there."

Protestors are worried that requiring officers to check for someone’s legal status will lead to discrimination of Americans who happen to have dark skin or a Hispanic background.  That aspect, along with several other elements of the bill, was blocked by a judge.

Representative Luis Gutierrez from Illinois was the key speaker for the protest. He felt the ongoing litigation will bring SB1070 to an end.

A federal judge had blocked enforcement of the law's most controversial sections, but allowed other parts to take effect.

A recent study estimates Arizona lost $140 million iin tourism and convention revenue due to the backlash from SB1070.

3TV caught up with Governor Jan Brewer at the first ever Easter Egg Roll. She feels the attention the bill has garnered has been positiv., "I think the bill in itself has been very, very successful. I think it brought awareness to everybody that Arizona will not sit still and have all this illegal immigration take place in the state of Arizona as the gateway to America. And, I think we have caught the attention of America."

Brewer says the law put pressure on Washington t to pay more attention to immigration.

No one was arrested in the clash between protesters and supporters.