Man pays $14K for solar equipment but is slapped with lien on home

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PHOENIX - A Phoenix man says he was trying to go Green to conserve energy and also save some green.

He shelled out $14,000 to a solar company which did install the equipment, however he's now being slapped with a lien on his home from a sub-contractor.

Thurman Simmons is a retired football coach whose passion for the game has earned him countless awards. In fact, he says he applies many values of coaching to life.

“Football’s kind of that same way to me. You pick people fairly.”

When his home recently needed a new hot water heater he decided to pick a company called Greenovated Energy which sells products that conserve energy.

“I thought it was a good deal to get the hot water heater and cut down your light bill. It was supposed to pay for itself in seven years.”

Thurman signed a $14,000 deal with Greenovated Energy and paid them up front to install not only a hot water heater, but also solar panels and solar fans.

“I felt very comfortable and I guess they felt very comfortable with me, I gave them $14,000 up front.”

Thurman says Greenovated Energy installed everything and he's been satisfied until he received a lien notice from a sub-contractor.

Apparently, although Thurman paid Greenovated Energy, the company reportedly failed to pay its sub-contractors and one of those sub-contractors slapped a $2,000 lien on Thurman.

“It’s Greenovated that's not doing the right thing because Greenovated took the $14,000. What'd they do with the money.”

3 On Your Side contacted Greenovated Energy which said they're going through financial struggles and claim that other homeowners like Thurman also have liens placed by sub-contractors because they failed to pay them.

Greenovated Energy said they would look into the matter and get back to 3 On Your Side but they didn’t, so we went to Greenovated Energy near Interstate 17 and Peoria where an employee told us management for the company was unavailable.  

After getting one of the managers on the phone for us, we were told he was too busy to talk.

Thurman says he regrets the whole ordeal and going Green with Greenovated Energy is costing a lot of green.

“In retrospect if I had to do it over again I wouldn't do anything because I wouldn't enter into this at all. It's been a very sour deal.”

Despite Greenovated Energy not responding, 3 On Your Side is still trying to help get that lien removed.