Firefighters honor 9-year-old for saving baby sister

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MESA , Ariz. -- The Mesa Fire Department on Friday recognized a 9-year-old hero as the department's first Honorary Junior Paramedic.

Tristin Saghin performed CPR on his 2-year-old sister after she fell into their grandmother's swimming pool over the weekend.

The little girl was not breathing when she was pulled from the water.

"There were no signs of life at all," said Capt. Sam Fraser of the Mesa Fire Department. "When we got there, she was actually breathing for us and she started to cry a little bit."

The toddler was rushed to the hospital. She was initially in critical condition, but has since made what appears to be a full recovery.

"She's running around, playing -- a perfect little 2-year-old," Fraser said. "We're extremely happy for her."

Firefighters said Tristin's quick action saved his baby sister's life.

"We are extremely proud of civilian heroes who perform heroic acts during emergency situations.  As trained professionals, we know the impact an emergency incident can have on your emotions and for Tristin to have remained calm enough to perform CPR is amazing", Mesa Fire Department Public Information Officer Forrest Smith said in a news release.  "We hope to recognize Tristin and bring attention to water safety so that it's in the forefront of the public's mind."

"If you have a chance to intervene, we want you to get out there and help out as much as you can," Fraser said.

According to Fraser, Tristin has wanted to be a combat medic since seeing the film "Black Hawk Down," and actually learned CPR by imitating what he saw in the movie.