Chuy's customers react to arrests

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- At least one of the four Chuy's restaurants that the Evenson's own in Tucson is back open after federal agents shut them down Wednesday.

It was back to business for employees and customers of the Chuy's on Ina near I-10.

The parking lot wasn't packed but people were going in and out for lunch.

"I come like 2, 3 times a week but I figured today I'd come in and talk to some of the girls and just see what they thought about it because I am still pretty good friends with quite a bit of them," said customer Ray Brennan.

It's a far cry from Wednesday when federal agents were going in and out of the restaurant with boxes of evidence.

Ray Brennan who has DJ'd at the Ina Chuy's before was surprised by the allegations against the owners for tax evasion and hiring illegals.

"It was kind of crazy because it's a good local restaurant.  They do a lot of good things for kids," said Brennan.

Things were not as good for the other three Chuy's in Tucson that were raided Wednesday.

The restaurants on Speedway, South Houghton and Tanque Verde were all closed.

Some customers were reluctant to eat at the Ina location despite it being open.

"When we were on the way here I told him I was coming here in protest, I said I didn't want to come down because of what happened, but we like the food so and he's the boss and paying my check so I said all right I got to go," said customer John Sitone.

The chain restaurant has been here for years and some customers hope Chuy's will survive this storm.

"Yeah, people have a short memory so I would imagine in a little while its just going to go away and it will be business as usual I would say," said Sitone.

"It might slow down for a week or, but it will probably pop right back up.  Chuy's has been pretty popular here in town I don't think its going anywhere," said Brennan.

The Chuy's on Houghton Road in Rita Ranch is expected to open back up Friday.