8 Officers shoot man allegedly armed with assault rifle in Mesa

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MESA, Ariz. – A call about public urination ended with one man in the hospital after the situation escalated into a shooting that involved eight Mesa police officers.

It happened at about midnight at a trailer park near Main Street and Alma School Road.

According to Detective Mike Melendez of the Mesa Police Department, it started with a complaint about a man who was urinating outside. The situation quickly intensified when that man, identified as Hans Pedro Perez, 24, allegedly grabbed an assault rifle.

A female resident of the trailer park made the initial call to report Perez for public urination. A few minutes later, the man allegedly fired at least four rounds into the air.

Melendez said Perez was not armed when officers first arrived on the scene.

Officers tried to give Perez commands in both Spanish and English, but he was not complying.

“He was speaking to us in Spanish,” Melendez said. “At one point in time, he reached into the trailer – the door was open – and he comes out with an assault rifle.”

Police ordered Perez to drop the rifle, but he refused to do so, instead pointing the rifle at the officers, Melendez said. That’s when bullets started flying.

It’s not yet known how many shots were discharged, but according to Melendez, eight officers fired, hitting Perez several times. Perez was rushed to a local hospital. At last check, he was in critical condition, but is expected to survive his injuries.

Detectives are trying to piece together exactly what happened. With eight officers firing their weapons, the evidence collection and investigation are going to take some time.

No officers were injured in the incident.

It’s not yet known if he might have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but officers on the scene said he was quite agitated, yelling and screaming at them.

All of the officers who fired their weapons have been placed on administrative leave. That is the standard procedure in any officer-involved shooting.

Perez does not have any criminal history.