Lowes giving away 1 million trees for Earth Day

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PHOENIX – Lowe’s is celebrating Earth Day by giving away 1 million trees. The home-improvement giant has teamed up with American Forests for the giveaway event, which takes place at stores nationwide on Saturday.

“Lowe’s is always happy to support the environment and our community,” said Shannon Ingram, a Lowe’s store manager.

When planted, these 1 million trees will eventually produce more than 260,000,000 pounds of oxygen annually, providing air for more than 670,000 people for one year.

“Putting trees into the hands of our customers is a simple way to make a big difference on Earth Day. We hope that these trees will be a catalyst for our customers to seek out other simple ways to give back to the earth at home and in day-to-day life,” said Kevin Measel, Lowe’s vice president of nursery merchandising, in a new release.

Each tree will be bar-coded so customers can register their trees online at Lowes.com/earthday and see where other trees are being planted across the country.

Why plant trees? According to American Forests:

• Planting trees makes cents. Planting trees strategically around your home can cut your air conditioning bills in half by providing windbreaks and shade.

• Breathe in, breathe out. As trees grow, they naturally filter airborne pollutants like carbon monoxide, lower the air temperature and produce oxygen.

• Pay your carbon debt. Planting just 30 Global ReLeaf trees will absorb the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by the average American lifestyle each year.

• Trees are beautiful! Plus, trees indigenous to the area are food sources and homes for birds and animals that depend on them for survival.