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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. When I open anything on my computer, it doesn't open to full screen size, so I have to click the Maximize button in the upper right-hand corner. Is there an easier way to do that?

A. I wouldn't characterize mouse-clicking as a particularly strenuous activity, but there is a way to maximize windows without that arduous stretch to the upper right-hand corner. Instead, double-click any window's Title bar to maximize what appears on screen. This can be helpful for individuals with mobility or coordination issues or who may have a difficult time accurately clicking the small buttons in the upper right-hand corner.

Q. I recently moved my desktop computer to a new location. When I tried to start it, the darned thing wouldn’t power on. Any help would be appreciated, Mr. M.

A. First, remove then plug the power cord into the back of the computer. Make sure it’s inserted securely. Likewise, make sure it’s plugged into the wall or power strip or whatever your source of power is. Check that the outlet it is plugged into is functional and that there is no wall switch controlling the outlet. Try plugging in a lamp to be sure. Do the same thing if you’re using a power strip or surge protector.

Next, look for a little power switch on the back of the computer. Make sure, if you have that switch, that it is turned on. It’s very easy, when moving a computer, to accidentally move that main power switch to the OFF position.

If all of the above check out, and you still have no power to the computer, then it’s time to have a reputable repair person or service check it out. It may require something as simple as replacing the system's power supply.

Q. I know this is probably a stupid question, but what does “URL” mean?

A There are never any stupid questions here in Mr. Modemville. None of us were born knowing all this computer gobbledygook, so if you encounter an unfamiliar word along the way, it is always appropriate to ask.

In this instance, depending who you ask, URL either stands for Uniform Resource Locator or Universal Resource Locator. I was always a uniform kind of guy since my days in the Cub Scouts, so I prefer Uniform Resource Locator. A URL (pronounced U-R-L, not “Earl”) is the unique address of a resource on the Internet, such as a w-w-w (World Wide Web) or Web page address. For example, the URL or Web address of my Web site is

Q. In the past, I would receive new mail automatically using Outlook. Something changed and now I have to click Send/Receive to get my mail. Can you tell me how I can receive my email automatically again?

A. In Outlook, go to Tools > Options > Mail Delivery. In the “Check for new messages every __ minutes” section, fill in the desired number of minutes, followed by Apply > Okay. Close and reopen Outlook and it will automatically check for email at the designated time interval selected.

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