Snoop Dogg put on 'Blast' by Arizona attorney general

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PHOENIX - It appears Snoop Dogg has put down the gin and juice. He is now singing the praises of new beverage "Blast" by Colt 45.

Arizona's Tom Horne is not happy about it. Horne, along with 17 other attorneys general are calling on Pabst Brewing Company, the owner of Colt 45, to make some serious changes to the drink.

Horne explains, "I think it’s destructive, dysfunctional. I think it hurts society." He calls Blast a binge in a can.

Binge drinking is defined as consuming more than five typical-sized drinks in an hour or two. Blast has a 12 percent alcohol concentration so, one 23½-ounce can contains enough alcohol to count as binge drinking if consumed in one sitting.

Horne also says the beer is marketed to kids with the use of bright colors, and the hip hop spokesmodel.

Horne says, "They use colorful packaging which appears to be an attempt to market to you and, they are going to end up with DWI's. They are going to end up making the highways unsafe."

Daren Metropoulos, one of the owners of Pabst, defends the drink in a New York Times interview. "It's not like our distributors are putting it in the soda section, and these are clearly designated as an alcoholic product. We're not going to be showing up and selling this at schools or anything like that."

3TV asked Horne if this was just government interfering with the free market and deciding for companies what colors they can and can’t use in marketing.

Horne said no and added, "I think if they are selling a product… which is sort of like beer… why not have the six percent alcohol content that beer has, rather than the 12 percent alcohol content that this has."

Horne says he would be okay if Colt 45 reduced the alcohol content to somewhere around 6 percent, ditched the bright colors and dropped Snoop Dogg.